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第二十話 Donald Whartonは、conservatorの立場を利用して独居老人の資産を着服しています。Catherine Piperの友人Adele Freeman のconservatorとなったDonald Whartonは、Adeleが十分に健康であるにもかかわらず彼女をconvalescent home(老人ホーム)に収容し、彼女の資産を着服しようとしています。着服の方法は例えばAlanの調査によると;

Alan Shore:
Your Honor, since he became Mrs. Freeman’s conservator, Mr. Wharton has placed Mrs. Freeman in a convalescent home against her will, has taken control of all her credit cards, he has charged exurbanite fees to the estate. To pay her 90 dollars electric bill he charged the estate 150 dollars. He charged 170 dollars to bring her less than 50 dollars worth of groceries.

ところがDonald Whartonの手口はもっと大胆かつ悪質のようで、Adele Freemanの家をネットオークションに出したりしています。

Alan Shore:
Mr Wharton is even more rancid than I had imagined.
He’s attempting to sell Adele’s home.

Denise Bauer:
Apparently, this isn’t the first time Mr. Wharton has done this.
According to a title search, he has sold 11 houses.

Title searchは、不動産の所有権に関する調査です。全く問題のない所有権なのか、係争を抱える所有権なのか、等を調べ、通常は専門の会社や弁護士が調査します。

What Does Title Search Mean?
An examination of public records to determine and confirm a property's legal ownership, and find out what claims are on the property. A title search is usually performed by a title company or an attorney, who researches the vested owner, the liens or other judgments on the property, the loans on the property and the property taxes due.

Investopedia Says
Before you close a deal on the purchase of a home, a title company will search public records on the property's ownership. Once the search is finished, you'll receive a preliminary title report. If there are any issues or problems with the title, you can point them out to the seller. Some problems are easily cleared up while others may take so long that they jeopardize your loan commitment.




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宣伝用プロモーションビデオと考えれば、You Tube はとても安上がりな広告媒体だと改めて考えさせられます。
かつてAlanは裁判所へDonald Whartonの悪行を報告し、conservator業務の差し止めを請求しましたが、裁判所側はDonald Whartonのconservatorとしての能力と地位を認め、Alanは「負け」(=Donald Whartonのsmall victory)の立場にありました。AlanはDonald Whartonに対し、Adeleに対するconservatorの立場を放棄しAdeleを元の生活に戻すよう交渉を試みますが、Donald Whartonは裁判所の命令を楯に、裁判所の判断をおうむ返しのように唱えAlanを一蹴します。

Alan Shore:
Mr Wharton, unfortunately what may seem like a small victory is really just postponing the inevitable. We will prevail and since I know you’re anxious to get home and rake your shag carpet, why don’t you just let this one go?

Denise Bauer:
We’ve gotten rid of the trouble of court nonsense, notary public, standing in line at the post office. You have only to sign this release and we will relieve you of one of the burdens of your already overburdened workload.

Donald Wharton:
She had bouts of forgetfulness, poor judgment, difficulty concentrating. If I were to let her go, as an appointee of the court and more importantly as one of the only people who cares about her, I would be completely remiss.

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